Two Baby Goats Find Something New To Keep Themselves Occupied. What is it? ADORABLE!

As kids, we had to find ways to occupy ourselves. Sure, reading books or watching TV could be fun, but there were times that we just had SO much energy to burn. It could be too much, sometimes, and that would lead me to doing really dumb stuff. Like trying hang off of a lamp. Yeah. That went really well. Not. I think both my parents blocked that one out of their mind.

The kid goats love jumping around. Not only do they like doing it on the ground, their human mommy set up a plywood bridge between two tables. They ADORE the sound their feet make on the plywood. It’s very close to tap-dancing. No, their human owners are not Savion Glover and his family. They hop up and down on this a LOT. It’s fun to hear at first, but after a short while, I’d want some earplugs.

What’s really hilarious about the video is that the mommy and daddy goat are just calmly eating through half of it while the baby goats are running around tap-dancing. “Honey… the kids are tap-dancing again.” “Yes… I see that. Say…. This is REALLY good grass” “I know! They import it here, after all.” “Wow! We’ll have to tell the humans that they have good taste.” They do this while the baby goats whiz around like atoms. I just loved the incongruity of it.

Like I said, kids – either human or animal – find ways to keep themselves busy. Sometimes it’s quiet, like drawing or writing- and other times it will make you regret that you were born with eardrums capable of hearing. Either way, as long as they are happy, that’s all that matters, right? Hello… I’m talking to you. Can you hear me? Hello? Guess you can’t hear me now…

These baby goats were so awesome, weren’t they? What’d you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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