Two brother dogs meet up again after a year apart. Their reaction is fascinating.

Have you seen a sibling after a long time apart? How does it feel? Is it like you’re faced with a stranger or do the two of you slip into an easy conversational rhythm like no time has passed? Of course, there are about a billion different variables that determine how something goes, but it’s still a fascinating situation. The same extends to animals. Take a look about this video about two pooches that are brothers who are separated.

We see two dogs, Shelby and Buddy. Both of them were rescued from a cage that looks no more than 10 feet wide and five feet deep. There are no toys in there and the only company they have is each other – apparently, there was no interaction with people. That makes me sad, since these look like two friendly dogs. PETA has to get them out of there and into new places – but that means they break up the brothers.

Shelby and Buddy each go to different houses. They have new family members that shower them with love and affection, but do they miss each other? Well, PETA decided to facilitate a reunion between them some months later. Well, 12 of them to be exact. It’s a year later and they are meeting up. Will they remember each other? Heck Yes. They immediately start romping and playing with each other for hours.

I wonder if Shelby and Buddy had an inkling that they were en route to reuniting with each other. It was great to see the two brothers playing together again – it was a shame that they had been cooped up in that tiny cage for so long. They may have separate families now, but I’m sure that they will have many more play dates in the future. This is a sibling bond that won’t ever be broken.

Say what you will about PETA… aside from some fringe members with different agendas, they do have the animals’ best interest at heart. This video shows so, don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section! Also, please “Like “ us on Facebook!