Two Cats Are Looking At A Giant Ball Of Ice, But Watch What The Tiny Kitten Does

Pets sometimes have a hard time in summer because their fur coats make it difficult for them to stay cool, especially if they have long hair or are especially fluffy. The fur makes it hard for them to regulate body temperature if they are in the sun or the mercury is rising. Easy solutions are always the best for dogs, and that means water is involved. Splish-splashing in the water is always a dog’s first choice for cooling off in the heat of summer.

Cats, as we know, are not big fans of water. Cooling off can be tricky for them. But these furry felines in the next video have figured out exactly how to cool off! They have a way to cool off that means they don’t get wet but they stay cool and comfy, thanks to their innovative owner. This Japanese woman devised this simple but very effective way for cats to cool off. It’s a huge ball of ice and an endless source of entertainment!

She put a water balloon in the freezer and then removed the balloon itself so that all that is left is a big ball of ice. She left it in a container outside and stood back to watch what her ten cats would do with it. It didn’t take long for them to begin enjoying the icy goodness and they seem to love their owner’s idea for beating the heat!

You can watch these adorable cats’ moments of refreshment in the video below.

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