Two Dogs Are Posing For The Camera. But Keep An Eye Out For That Dog On The Left! OMG!

Dogs are among those things that make you feel alive. I am pretty sure that if you own a dog you can’t but agree with this statement. Many people like to take pictures and videos of their canine companions and I am not an exception. I also have dozens of pictures of my dog on the phone. They are so cute and photogenic! No matter what they do on camera they always look good!

These two dogs shown in the video are called Envy and Zain and they are in love with cameras. Usually there are dogs that can’t hold a pose long enough for the camera. But it is not about these two! You are going to love it! You will be amazed when you see what happens when Envy and Zain are asked to pose for a photo! This cute clip made my day!

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