Separated For 20 Years, Now See These Best Friends Reunited!

Just when you thought that your history with your best friend was a story worth telling, this video came along. It will really open your eyes to everlasting friendship and a great memory! This video touched over 17.4 million views on YouTube! If only I had a memory like these elephants, I could rule the world… Now where did I keep my phone…? Sigh!

When you first start watching the video, you see Shirley being introduced to the elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The story seems simple enough – her tale of being rescued from the abuse of a circus is one we have heard before – even though it is heart breaking. Circus life is cruel for so many animals – being forced to do things that go against their nature, all for the amusement of a few humans.

After being injured in the circus, Shirley and her pachyderm buddy Jenny were taken away to recuperate to two separate shelters. They probably didn’t think they would see each other again.

Time passed by. In fact, twenty two years went by. They got better in their different shelters until one day, the two elephants were reunited at the Sanctuary. The cameras were rolling, waiting and watching eyes to see how Shirley adapted to her new surroundings. Nobody expected what would happen next.

It was late in the evening when Jenny came to the Sanctuary and loud trumpeting filled the quietness of the late hour. The two friends were so happy to see each other, even after a gap of 22 years that they bent the metal bars keeping them separate just to be close to each other. Seeing this, the keepers at the Sanctuary opened the gates so the friends could be reunited, and their reaction amazed everyone.

They wrapped their trunks around each other and affection was evident in every gesture they had. It’s clear to see that the bond of their friendship passed the test of time and was still as strong as it was 22 years earlier. Watch the video to see their heartwarming reunion.

I also loved the emotional response of Shirley’s keeper, who was happy she was going to be free, but who was heartbroken at the knowledge that he would never see her again. I’m still wiping my tears away – this video is definitely worth SHARING! Write in and let us know what you think of the video!

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