Two elephants were separated for 20 years. When they reunite — their love hasn’t changed

There are people in this world who do not understand man’s love for nature, but all pet owners understand that animals love us WAY more than we love them. Animals genuinely do understand unconditional love!

Friendship is an incredible thing. We never forget our best friends. If you think that human best friend relationships are noteworthy, wait until you see these two incredible elephants. They share the same bond we share with our friends. Amazingly their friendship was formed over a winter together.

At the beginning of this video, we are introduced to Shirley and Jenny, two elephants that were a part of the same circus more than two decades ago. It was here that she developed the type of bond that is strong enough to last a lifetime – literally!

After Shirley and Jenny were both injured, they were both taken to separate shelters for recuperation. But it would be a long 22 years before they would be together again. If you think that so much time away was enough to erase the powerful connection that these two had, however, think again!

Shirley and Jenny were reunited at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee after 22 years of being away from one another. In an instant, it’s like nothing ever changed – their bond is immediate and for all time. You won’t be able to help yourself from crying when you see this video!

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