Two Kittens See A New Toy To Play With. The Reaction Of One Of Them Had Me In Stitches.

Kittens are a billion-dollar industry. Maybe really high hundreds of millions. Pictures, videos, you name it – people buy them. If you could gather up all the sand in the world and count each individual grain… that total would still be dwarfed by the number of kitten videos on YouTube. OK, I exaggerate juuust a bit. There’s only a shade below 4 million results when you search for kittens on there. The kittens that we see here vault pretty high on that list.

The video shows two kittens perched on a cat climbing/scratching post. There’s a new cat toy dangling from above. One of them starts batting it with gusto, almost like he thinks he’s Rocky Balboa training for a new fight. I think I hear him humming “Eye of the Tiger” as he plays. The other one, perhaps exhausted from playing earlier or climbing up the post sits there with his eyes closed and then falls over, briefly asleep. Kitty narcolepsy? The person filming it bursts out laughing.

Kittens are among the cutest things in the universe. Let’s be honest, we could just sit and watch one of them reading a grocery list that’s laying on the floor and we would still sit and watch the whole video, wouldn’t we? I know I would. But this takes it to a new height of adorableness. The little “mew” he lets out after he falls over asleep and then quickly wakes up looking around like “What JUST happened?”

I’ve been where this kitten is, so tired on my feet that standing up is next to impossible. There have been times when I’ve been sitting down too, leaned back against the wall and fallen asleep briefly. Fortunately, I’ve never tumbled over like that cat. Were that the case, seismic activity would be reported.

This video had me laughing so hard. How about you? Were you laughing? Leave a comment below!

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