Unexpected comedy: Great Dane refuses to get up at 3:30 in the morning

For thousands of years, dogs have served people as working animals. Some still do, but nowadays your typical dog leads a pleasant and decidedly non-strenuous life as a beloved family pet. Often they have the luxury of sleeping in as late as they like. But if a dog’s human parents own a bagel shop, the day starts early. Bakers have always had to get up and get to work super-early so their customers can start their days with nice, fresh breadstuffs.

These bagel makers have to get going at 3:30 in the morning. They have a dog named Thor and as his mighty name suggests, he’s an enormous (but totally lovable) Great Dane. Although he may not have any role to play at the bagel shop, his human dad felt compelled to wake him up at 3:30. Perhaps it’s the only time he can be taken for a walk.

As you’ll see in the hilarious video posted below, Thor really would have preferred to sleep in. Dad tries his best to force the issue: “Hey, Thor! Wake up. Talk to me. Wake up, Thor! You’ve got to get up, Thor! You have to get up. You cannot lay down all day. You gotta get up. I don’t want to hear it. Time to wake up. Let’s go.” Needless to say, Thor remains unconvinced.

Tapping on the bed, shaking his paw, and rubbing or patting his belly don’t get the dog moving, either. Thor does a little rolling around and makes cute noises, but the message is clear: “I’m sleeping in!” For a moment it looks like the sleepy dog really will get up. His dad is delighted and exclaims, “That’s a good boy!” Need we add that Thor flopped over and went right back to sleep?

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