Woman travels the world exploring unusual animal relationships

unusual animal relationships

Dating all the way back to the days of ancient Egypt, humans have always had an obsession with cats. But, who knew that vervet monkeys felt the same way about cats as we do?

Woman with animal

An amazon vervet monkey sanctuary provides these fantastic creatures with everything they need to survive, including a retirement center designed for monkeys that can’t be released back into the wild.

Since monkeys actually have a hierarchy within their groups, there are often fighting and scuffles. After a heated debate, the monkeys find ways to ease the tension.

unusual animal relationships

Grooming, stroking, and caring for one another are the usual methods—but what about bonding over cats? Cats are introduced into the monkey enclosure, where the monkeys find peace with them.

Vervet monkeys can relax and unwind with a shared love for these cats, petting and grooming them as if they were the same species. These interactions are genuinely excellent.

unusual animal relationships

Feral cats that snuck into the monkey enclosure were the ones that started this relationship. Continually entering the chamber, they built trust with the monkeys.

As humans, we can definitely learn a lot from animals we observe in the wild. Seeing two completely different species living in harmony is an inspiration for our society to embrace acceptance.

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