Veteran Sees Note On Car, Breaks Down And Cries When He Reads Strangers’ Message

Kindness isn’t complicated or costly. Try over tipping your friendly wait staff the next time you eat out.  You can easily make someone else’s day much better by paying them a simple but genuine compliment about how they look that day. Small things really add up to create much larger moments. This is why it’s so  important to share an incredible example of human kindness when we come across it and pay it all forward.

This video clip will inspire you to share it with your friends as well as go out and find a way to add value to another person’s day. Note what a small and simple gesture did to impact a man in such a huge way.

This is a video of Bob Bradshaw who is 88 years old and lives in Omaha Nebraska. For 30 years he was in active military duty and he not only saw action in Korea but in Vietnam as well. When He retired as Lieutenant Colonel he insisted on getting a  license plate that read, “disabled American veteran” and dawned a bronze star decal on it.

One day while Lieutenant Colonel Bradshaw was finished finishing up at the doctor’s office, he walked out to his car and saw that an envelope was placed on the windshield. Inside the envelope he found $20 along with a note that read, “Thank you so much for your service to our country. I appreciate all you have contributed to make the USA great. Please enjoy a meal on me. I know it isn’t much but I hope it helps you out! A friend.”

Bradshaw broke down with emotion and stated that “there’s a lot of good people out there.” Please experience the video for yourself and let us know how it makes you feel in the comments section below. If you find it as inspiring as we did  please share it with your family and friends.

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