Couple Takes To The Ice — Within Seconds, Their ‘Dirty Dancing’ Routine Makes Eyes Pop!

Dirty Dancing Skaters‘The Time of My Life’ Dirty Dancing Finale On Ice

“Ondrej Hotarek and Stefania Berton perform a Swayze/Grey inspired routine that’s truly one of a kind.”

Everybody’s favorite eighties movie, Dirty Dancing, was a worldwide smash-hit in 1987 and is still loved by millions. It was the first film to sell more than a million copies for home video. By far, the most popular song and dance scene during the movie was the song “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.” The song skyrocketed to the top of the charts in 1987 and stayed there for seven consecutive days.

The iconic ending is what most people remember about the dance when Baby is dancing with Johnny to this song at the end of the movie. In a flowing pink dress, Baby runs and leaps into Johnny’s arms as he lifts her high into the air above his head.

Dirty Dancy SaktersWhile many dancers have performed to this song, one performance that will stick with you forever is this version. In this video, this song is danced to – on ice. International figure skating champions Stefania Berton and Ondrej Hotarek chose to dance to this song for the show Kings on Ice.

Like the two main characters in Dirty Dancing, Ondrej wore all black, and Stefania wore a flowing pink gown. Standing across the ice from her, Ondrej motions for Stefania to come join him to dance. She acts too shy, so he skates over to her and gently pulls her close to him. The music picks up, and the couple starts to dance. The crowd quickly starts clapping along to the well-known song.

The pair included some of the fast, intricate dance steps from the movie and added their own flair as well. They flew over the ice in perfect unison; even their jumps and spins were perfectly executed.

During one trick, Ondrej tosses Stefania over his head as she twirls in the air. The crowd loved it and cheered in appreciation. What a dangerous move if not done correctly, but these two professionals made it seem simple.

Don’t worry, Ondrej and Stefania didn’t skip the iconic ending with Baby in the air above Johnny’s head. These two took the already incredibly difficult move and made it even more stunning. Stefania leaped into Ondrej’s arms as he lifted her high above his head. He began to spin in circles with her gracefully balanced above him.

This performance was beyond impressive – it was stunning. This skating duo gave the crowd a breathtaking performance with great partner chemistry and incredible skill.

Couple Takes To The Ice — Within Seconds, Their \'Dirty Dancing\' Routine Makes Eyes Pop!