5-Year-Old Dancer Wows Audience With Jaw-Dropping Performance

Ella DoblerTiny Dancer Melts Heart With ‘Diamonds’

Most of the best dancers start when they are very young, and Ella Dobler is proving to be one of those young people.  Ella started dancing when she was only a toddler at the New Level Dance Company in Tampa, FL, a premier dance, acrobatics, and aerial arts training facility.  She’s been training there ever since.

This tiny dancer has been competing since 2016, accumulating many awards already.  Ella won her first grand prize in 2016 with her lyrical dance performed to the song “Heaven on Earth.”  She melted hearts all over the world, and the video of her performance went viral, with over 5.5 million views on YouTube.

Ella DoblerElla has an impressive collection of growing awards won in my styles of dance, from jazz to contemporary.  She can do it all it seems.  Her moving performances are personally choreographed by the dance academy’s owner and director Ashley Massicotte.

This clip is taken from her performance at the 24 Seven Dance Competition, a weekend-long dance workshop and competition that takes place in two dozen different U.S. cities every season.  Ella’s contemporary-style dance was set to Rhianna’s song “Diamond.”

As soon as the music started, Ella came to life on stage.  While the talented young dancer has incredible flexibility and range of motion, what stands out the most is her facial expressions and fluidity of movement.  Her face shows emotion that usually only older, more experienced dancers can tap into, and her dance is once continuous flow of movement.

This adorable, tiny dancer has so much talent in such a tiny package.  Ella has the strength to do moves that even more mature dancers find difficult.  Her competition better not underestimate this pint-sized challenger.

Ella continues to wow audiences and judges alike each time she dances.  As soon as you watch her perform, you’ll understand why.  One look at that precious face and expressive eyes, and your heart will melt.  As a line in the song goes, Ella definitely does “shine bright like a diamond.”

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5-Year-Old Dancer Wows Audience With Jaw-Dropping Performance