When She Walked Turned And Saw This Wall She Wanted To Cry. Her Reason? Heart Breaking!

Did you know that nearly one in every ten people suffers from colorblindness? In this incredible video from Valspar, this group of colorblind people is in for a life-changing surprise.

Imagine not being able to see your young son or daughter’s artwork. Imagine never knowing the true brilliance of the leaves when they change color for the first time in autumn. Imagine seeing everything in black and white or grey. Imagine there was a world of color and you were missing out on it.

Valspar has been working with EnChroma to bring color to everyone. They developed these glasses to enable colorblind people to see color for the first time in their lives.

Watch the incredible moments these people put these glasses on and see color for the very first time.

“There’s like this whole end of the spectrum that I just was completely not aware of,” one participant says. “This is amazing!”

“I’ve never been able to see this one. I just want to cry a little bit,” another says. “I never realized like how much I was affected by the fact that I can’t see the world like the way that other see the world.”

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