He Wants To Scare His Parents With His Angry Look. But Pay Attention To What Happens Next!

Kids are an endless source of entertainment. If you are bored out of your senses, just go and babysit your neighbor’s kids. They will lift your spirits in an instant! And the best part about it all is that they are oblivious to their hilarious antics. The video below features a tiny little baby who for some mysterious reason is as angry as a bull!

He has the cutest little grumpy face and his parents can’t do anything to make him smile. I really wonder what he is thinking about. His mother tries laughing at him, and even massaging his forehead to make it relax, but with no success. She’s laughing at him and I can hear dad laughing also, but nothing makes this baby smile.

He actually tries to light up for a fleeting moment, flashing a charming smile, but he quickly gets back to his old crabby self. Nothing can change his mind! He is surely glaring daggers at his mama. I have never seen such a hilariously cute mad baby!

His mom squishes his chubby cheeks several times, trying to get him to smile. Nothing. They laugh and talk to him. Nothing. I have finally decided he is really just trying to poop and he’s concentrating really hard. I bet once he’s finished, he’ll have a big smile for his parents.

Watch this furious tyke in the video below! What could have made this little guy so angry? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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