Watch how 88 Piano Keys that control 500,000 Christmas lights make magic!

What’s your favorite type of Christmas music? I know this may a weird question, but if you think about it, it really isn’t. There are all sorts of ways Christmas music is made and many genres. There are many musical instruments that make it sound especially great. My favorite musical instrument would have to be the piano.

I have to say I own a lot of piano CDs. I became a fan since I was very young. There’s something about this musical instrument that captivated me from an early age. You can play any song on it and it will sound a little different than the original version, but it will still sound cool. My father got me my first keyboard when I was in my early teens and I learned to play it with the help of a friend. He wasn’t like a musician, but he knew what the notes were.

If you think that learning how to play the piano or keyboard by yourself is difficult, I would say that you’re right. I don’t know why, but playing the keyboard wasn’t that hard as I had anticipated. I didn’t sound like a professional piano player, but I still sounded very decent. At least I could play any song I wanted, and that was good enough for me.

I discovered many talented piano players throughout the years and I would try to emulate them as much as I could. One of these groups whose career I have followed was “The Piano Guys.” They have also made a lot of collaborations with other artists and musicians. The way those pianos sound with cellos in the background is truly something to behold and listen to.

Among their most important covers was Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” and that’s exactly how it sounds. The video takes place in a nice restaurant and the way those piano keys set the mood… They have also covered songs from One Direction, David Guetta, and even the Jackson Five. When I found out that they would be doing something special for this Christmas, I was very excited.

What they do, is they hook a piano to about 500,000 Christmas lights. So, every note lights up a section of the whole Christmas light setup. At first, the guy from the Piano Guys starts playing, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Then, he discovers that the piano was not plugged into the lights. He tests it, and when he sees that it works, he starts playing the most beautiful Christmas music, along with the special lighting effects that follow. Truly something you must see to believe… even if you don’t like piano music!