Watch a dog who’s so excited about going to the park that he comes up with his own language!

There’s nothing that gets our doggie friends more excited than knowing they are going to go to the park. The park offers so much for them. There are all sorts of smells and textures they can investigate and there are many other dogs, cats, and people they can meet as well. They have all the space they want, and they don’t have to hurry, either.

My Labrador’s name is Eddie. And Eddie knows that when I grab the leash, it means it’s time to go out. Eddie is only one year old but has changed my life in many ways. I used to be a couch potato, big time. My dream weekend would be just skimming through YouTube and Netflix. I didn’t exercise and didn’t really want to. When I got Eddie, he was just a puppy. We found him wandering the streets and since we could not locate anyone who had lost him, we decided to keep him.

As Eddie grew up fast, I realized that I would need to walk him every day. This made me rethink my routine and include exercise in it. Fortunately, walking Eddie has also helped me in many ways. I have better endurance now, and I am in a better mood throughout the day. I have also become more educated in terms of Eddie’s health and have taken him to the vet to get all his vaccinations.

I also got to meet a lot of nice people. Since I was going to the park a lot more, that helped me meet more people. I realized that many people take their dogs to the same park, so I went there more often. I have made some very good friendships and have become a lot more outgoing. I have seen some people who have known me for a long time and they have mentioned that I look different. Maybe it’s the exercise…

Well, every time I take Eddie to the park, we go through the same routine. I go to get him with his leash in my hand. As soon as he sees the leash, he starts jumping around and mumbling what sound like words. I try to make out what he means or what he might be saying but I can never figure it out. I have even thought that it’s actually some sort of language.

I thought that I was the only one who had seen this, but after watching the following video, I am beginning to think that it really is a language. The family in the video have decided to head for the park. They know their pup is always excited to go, especially if this involves taking the children with them. When they tell their pup about it, he comes up with the greatest response. I swear these really sound like words. What do you think?