Watch These Adorable Cougar Cub Sibling! You’ll Fall Right In Love!

I am a huge fan of felines I love seeing them in their natural habits, at shelters or zoo, anything from lions to the internet’s favorite: cats.  I must admit that some of the most uplifting and moving animal videos that I have seen come from baby felines, from makin unlikely friendships or messing around with their siblings to quite simply taking their first steps into the world. In the case of the video featured below, we can see these three baby cougars make their absolutely adorable debut at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo in Texas.

Meet Remy, Rory, and Roscoe; the two female cubs and one male cub were all born on June 18.  Enjoying great help and happiness, just watch them explore their new home! Their little eyes and paws getting the hang of navigating the new terrain! They’re currently not on exhibit yet, but the public can see them daily at 10 a.m. in the nursery and at an interactive showing at 2 p.m.

The conservation efforts at zoos like Animal World are helping protect this species. Which has significantly decreased from their historical population due to unsustainable hunting, habitat destruction, and conflicts with livestock.

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