Watch As These Animals Are Saved From The Horrifying Damage Of Hurricane Harvey

When tragedy strikes, few people are left with the resources to even take care of themselves, much less their pets or any stray animals they might come across. It’s terrifying to think of leaving so many poor animals behind in the wreckage after a natural disaster, but many people have no choice.

Thankfully, many people from the authorities, volunteers, and animal shelter personnel are willing to brave the conditions and seek out helpless animals that need their assistance. Without them, who knows what could happen to these poor creatures in need.

Since Hurricane Harvey struck the coast, animals of all kinds have been left struggling to stay afloat, and many are trapped in their homes. They have nowhere to go, and they can’t always swim to other locations to stay warm, dry, healthy, and safe. Many animals are too small to swim for too long, or they might view the water as dangerous – and for good reason! The flooding isn’t a safe pathway for these creatures to seek out new territory. Besides – they have no idea where to go!

Fortunately, The Humane Society of the United States has been doing their very best to save as many stranded animals as possible. Thanks to donations and the help of volunteers across the country, the society is able to safely retrieve a number of creatures who are stuck inside flooded and damaged homes and bring them to a safe space where they can be properly taken care of.

Isn’t this incredible? It’s so kind of these staff members to visit such a damaged place and do their part to help the less fortunate. Their generosity does not go unnoticed, that’s for sure! Leave your thoughts on this amazing video down below and share the clip with your family and friends. Be sure to donate if you have the means, as every penny helps save someone in need.