Watch As These Big Cats Get Visited By The Easter Bunny

Ever wondered what a big cat would do with an Easter egg, but not just any Easter egg? I mean a giant melon-sized Easter egg! You are about to find out!

The volunteers at Big Cat Rescue spent several hours getting these special eggs ready for the over 100 tigers, lions, leopards, etc., that they take care of every day. They knew the reactions of the big cats would be pretty amusing, so they set up cameras to capture the reactions of the cats when they received their Easter eggs. Some were melons, some were actual eggs, and some appear to be more like balloons, but all of them were painted like Easter eggs with a product that is edible and not harmful to the cats.

As you can see, it was well worth it. These kitties are in heaven with their eggs! I especially love it when they first lay eyes on the eggs and start rolling around on the ground celebrating before they’ve even figured out what it is. They seem to love the small eggs they can bat around just as much as the big ones.

Does it make you want to give your kitty an Easter egg just to see how they will react?

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