Watch How This Dog Plays Fetch… This Is The Most Inspiring Thing I’ve You’ll Ever See!

With so many dogs in shelters around the country, even the cutest potential pets may be overlooked if they have disability. Most families are not willing to take on the extra work involved in caring for animal that has a disability. But when people overlook these pets they are doing themselves a disservice.

Pets that have disabilities, especially those require extra care, are far more loving animals. I would suggest that a pet with a disability will give you far more love in return that able-bodied pet.

In this video we meet a loving foster family who became foster parents for a dog named Elvis. Elvis have been homeless prior to coming to live with Tony and her partner Greg. Elvis suffers from Progressive Retinal Atrophy, PRA, ultimately this disease will leave him blind. When his original owners discovered ability they abandoned him.

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