Watch the emotional commercial that only aired once before being pulled off the air.

Commercials are rarely made to convey a message. They are usually made to do two things: sell something or entertain. In the best of scenarios, they can do both. There was actually a contest held in Europe to find the best commercial ever produced. The contest had several categories but the most sought after was the funniest commercial.

There were a couple of commercials back then that got honorable mentions. These commercials were not funny at all. They were made to convey other feelings, to make people think about stuff. Initially, companies didn’t want to be connected with feelings of nostalgia, sadness, and memories of the past. Marketers saw them as feelings that would deter people from acquiring their products and services.

The first company to embrace nostalgia and other feelings as good selling points was Coca-Cola. Instead of opting for having celebrities connected to their products, they showed families and evoked feelings of being younger. They made people remember the time when they were young and didn’t have a care in the world.

People who started buying these products would say they felt like kids again. And this made for great marketing and great sales. Coca-Cola has also related to other feelings of togetherness, friendship and having each other’s back. At times of need, they have also been sponsors of noble causes that have given support to those who need it.

In these cases, the company would donate a percentage of their sales to these causes. In many cases, they would also provide them with transportation, tents, and other things that people could use to shelter themselves. In the case of natural disasters, they have also been there at the forefront helping people get back on their feet.

One company that made headlines for a commercial was the producer of Budweiser. Budweiser and their famous Clydesdales horses have been etched in people’s minds as symbols of excellence and good products. When this country was attacked during 9/11, they produced an emotional commercial that aired only once. Many years after it aired, it was aired again and here it is!