Watch What Happens Minutes After This Pregnant Horse Gives Birth To Her First Foal. Shocking…WHOA!

People love animals, this is not a secret. This is attributed to being able to forge a cordial relationship with them that’s devoid of conflict. We find them adorable and have gone to great lengths and invested a lot of resources into getting to understand their behavior so that we may strengthen this bond. We have come to love watching animal videos. How else would we have stumbled upon this video in the vast sea of awesome animal videos on the internet?

The only things we love more about animals than the animals themselves are their babies. It’s hard to be satiated by their cuteness. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a calf, kitten, mice or even cubs. They are truly adorable to watch. The video below features the birth of a foal in a horse farm called the Saratoga Stud in South Africa. The farm owners Jenni and Guy Benson witnessed a phenomenon not many are privileged to in their lifetime.

Their beloved mare, Daisy was with child and was completing its term one night in November 2014. Daisy gave birth to a beautiful colt named Don Quixote. They were so happy because Don was delivered a week after her due date. But they noticed that the newborn was pretty small but fortunately as healthy as any other. They then noticed that Daisy was still in labor: Unaware to them, Daisy was pregnant with twins. Minutes later, she gave birth to Don’s sister, Duet, who was also below the expected size but equally healthy. This was after Guy patiently guided her out into their arms. After struggling for a few minutes, she was able to stand on her feet with the help of their watchman. What a beautiful sight to behold. It is very rare to witness a horse give birth to healthy undersized twins. They did. A miracle of sorts.

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