Watch what happens when you mount a 10,000-horsepower engine on a tiny boat.

Reaching great speed has always been on people’s minds. As soon as people started building different means of transportation, they also started to wonder how fast they could go on them and how they could make them go even faster. One of the first inventions was the bicycle. Seen at first as only a way for people to get from one place to another, it soon became adopted by many people for many different purposes.

The first bicycles didn’t look much like the ones we have today, nor they had all the features. Getting on one of them required you to find an elevated spot because the front wheel was much larger than the back one. Reaching a balance was also a critical issue because the higher you are, the more difficult maneuvering becomes. They were considered luxury items at the time.

This was because not many people could afford them at the time. The bicycles evolved into the vehicles they have today with all the uses and features they have. But bicycles and cars were not the only ones that saw great advances in technology and uses. Another form of transportation was the boat. The boat is probably the first or at least one of the first ones developed by man.

Originally, it was made for fishing purposes. People would have small fishing boats that could reach many places and then built larger ones, so they could go to neighboring villages where they could barter or sell their catches. Because a good part of a community’s economics went through busy ports, having the right started to become more important.

Very soon, boats were not only used for commerce purposes. Many leaders saw the potential in them and gave them a military used. They could be used for transporting troops from one port to another and to get the soldiers’ supplies faster than it would take to do so by land. When the boat engine was developed, this marked and whole new era for commerce, military, and fun.

The boats have developed into being almost floating cities thanks to the development of cruise ships. And even though people will continue to build the biggest meanest ship of them all, boats and speed continue to be one of man’s greatest fascinations. Now, the man in the following video has built a mean racing boat. Imagine mounting a 10,000-horsepower engine on a small boat. See for yourself!