Watch As This Man Treks Along The Great Wall Of China With His Incredible Dog

There’s nothing quite like tackling a brand new adventure in one of the world’s most beautiful places. Seeing all of the magnificent landmarks that call our planet their home is something that lines the bucket lists of many. These journeys can be inspiring and breathtaking, and they serve as great reminders of how amazing and vast the world really is.

Some people enjoy taking these trips by themselves, taking on a higher sense of accomplishment from completing a great journey on their own and enjoying the mind-clearing getaway in solitude. Other people, however, often find that they long to share the adventure with a loyal companion. Sometimes, that means traveling the world with your partner or your best friend. When it comes to the latter, the best friend in question isn’t always human!

As you’ll see in the video clip below, a man called Victa V. hiked along The Great Wall of China with his adorable Golden Retriever, Amanda! Thankfully, he captured much of the dynamic duo’s trip on camera and compiled this video to show off some of the highlights. Isn’t this the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? What a sweet, adventurous pooch! Dogs are obviously pretty incredible travelers. It’s no surprise considering their curious nature.

Wait until you see how beautiful the pair’s trip was. You’re going to be amazed by not only the wonderful views they were met with, but how eager Amanda was to be a part of this experience. What a great companion!

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