Watch As This Mother And Foal Reach The Very Brink Of Death Before They Rescued!

In 2013, two horses were found abandoned in an icy field. Macy and her foal Loca were freezing, starving, and exhausted. At the beginning of this video, you will see Macy lying down and resting her head in the snow while she shivers uncontrollably. This is such a heartbreaking scene to witness, but fortunately this story has a happy ending.

The World Horse Welfare Team arrived just in the nick of time to provide Macy and Loca with emergency veterinary care. The pill bought to the U.K.’s Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre for further treatment and rehabilitation.

The vet didn’t think that Macy would survive the ordeal, but she had something to live for. Witness the incredible transformation of these horses from before and after they were rescued.

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