Watch the peacock that’s taking the internet by storm!

I love to watch videos on interesting-looking animals. Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed watching nature shows. I grew up in the desert area, so there were many animals that I never saw growing up. On the other hand, back when I moved to the big city, there were many animals that I wasn’t scared of. This made me kind of a cool kid with my new friends. All of them would be afraid of scorpions for example.

I remember being with my friends from the classroom one day when some people from the local zoo brought some animals into the classroom for us to see and possibly hold. Back then, the city kids had only seen them at their zoo, but never this up close. So, when the zoo staff asked if there was a volunteer to hold the snake, I was the only one holding up my hand. This made me very popular.

The snake that they brought was a small python, maybe 2-3 feet long. But everyone acted as if it was a rattlesnake. There was a little girl that had to be taken outside the classroom because she was terrified of snakes. She was taken into another classroom where they had other ‘safer’ animals like a koala.

I held the snake and even posed for a couple of pictures that appeared in the school newspaper. They also brought other animals, like a tarantula, scorpion, koala bear and a parrot. Everyone in the classroom took turns holding the other animals, and all in all, it was a wonderful day. Back in the day, the Internet was just starting and not many people had home-access to it. So, for most of us, a safe way of learning about new animals, was through the encyclopedia.

My father was quite a nature geek and he would take us camping occasionally. He also had a subscription to National Geographic, which I enjoyed reading. Then, when the NatGeo channel started, I would watch nature shows all day long. This made me like a walking encyclopedia in class. I used to be ahead in our science courses, so I guess you could say I was a little bit of a geek, too.

Of all the animals I have seen, one animal that was always a little mysterious to me was the peacock. The way the opened their tails so you could see all those magnificent colors packed into one pallet was amazing. The next video shows the peacock that’s taking the Internet by storm. Why? Because it’s an albino peacock. When he opens up his tail, he gives you quite a sight to behold.