Watch out for the potential hazards of Christmas light decorations!

Accidents are more common than you think. And, do you know where these accidents occur more commonly? Yes, you guessed it. At home. The reason they happen at home is probably because we tend to get a little careless there. After all, home is where we feel safer. The most usual places for having accidents in, is the kitchen and the bathroom.

The kitchen is where the sharpest objects are. One of the most common accidents in the kitchen is getting cut with knives. We all take the necessary precautions to safeguard the kitchen, but it only takes a split second for an accident to occur. If there are children in the household, the need to child-proof the home becomes compulsory.

One way of child-proofing your kitchen is putting all the knives in a safe place. You can pick one of your drawers and place a lock on it. That way, even if the children are tempted, and can get to them, they won’t be able to take them. Also, be careful with those innocent-looking forks. They too pose a threat to the child’s safety. It is always better to get special cutlery for children. It lasts a long time and can really give you peace of mind.

The bathroom is probably the place that first comes to mind when we think about accidents at home. Keeping it safer only takes a couple of steps, like putting anti-slip strips in the shower, and making sure that there are enough places to hang onto for people in the household. In case of the elderly, special railing, a shower seat and even a special toilet seat may need to be installed.

When we think about Christmas, we tend to think that everything is merry, and we don’t need to be careful. Accidents can happen in this season, and it may not only be due to falling when putting up the lights. The lights themselves pose a risk to homes all around America.

Trees catching fire has been a common occurrence lately. The problem starts when some of these lights are left plugged in all day. Especially, when the homeowners are out for the holidays. There are timers you can install that will turn off the lights during certain hours during the day, then turn them on at night time. Besides this, you can make sure you install outdoor lights on the exterior of your home. Would you like to listen to more tips? Click on the video and take notes.