Watch the epic Michael Jackson tribute dance by prisoners that are taking the Internet by storm!

If you could bring back one of the great singers that are not with us, who would it be? There are many of them and from various genres. I think one I would bring back would be Michael Jackson. Michael’s story seems to be one of a fairy tale. Everyone seems to have an opinion about his life but not many people understand what it must have meant to be him.

He started working from a very early age. He didn’t get to do many of the things you and I did like playing baseball outside, school recitals (yes, even the embarrassing ones), and all those things that little kids do. He needed to work and showbusiness was everything he knew. He loved performing and you could tell that by watching any of the videos of the Jackson 5.

But that doesn’t mean that he didn’t want to do other things. This is why parents of child stars should be very careful. Every hour their child spends working is one hour that he or she will never get back. Michael’s father was very much in charge of his career and once he knew that Michael was by far the most talented, the family’s focus would be on him.

Michael then started his solo career, and this is when he would shine the most. He wrote many of the most iconic songs to date and created dance steps that are emulated to this day. One thing about famous people is that going back to normal is not something they have the option of doing. It is not like they can turn off a switch and take a walk on the town on a breezy afternoon.

But he adapted very well to it and his career flourished. His dance steps became iconic and have served as choreography for countless school talent shows, family jam sessions and even… prison choreographies? That is right! I’ve seen a few of these choreographies but one of the most impressive is the one in the following video. This one takes us to the Philippines.

A jail in the Philippines thought of an effective way to help its prisoners cope with their time there and decided to let them choose among a series of options. Most of them were already working there, so the director asked them what they wanted to do. Some of them said that they wanted to put on a Michael Jackson tribute show. When the director heard this, he was skeptical but decided to give them a chance. The result sent shockwaves through the Internet and made everyone become a fan. This is what they did!