This Watchful Horse Sees His Owner Start Moving. His Next Move Left Me Laughing Out Loud! AMAZING!

It really is no secret to us that people love animals. There is just something about them that literally calls us to them, they have been captivating us for years. We go out of our way to try and learn as much as we can about them, to the point that we are devouring facts about them in our free time.

It is from that love of animals that we are now busily scanning online looking for all different types of animals videos that we can find. Luckily for us the internet makes it easy and we are able to find literally any time of animal video that we want to these days. Well that definitely makes it easier for us to spend our free time online watching as many of these videos as we possibly can.

One animal in particular that has become incredibly popular as of late are horses. For many different reasons people have been fascinated with these majestic animals and because of such we try and film and then post any encounters that we have with them. Horses are amazing animals. They are huge, very intelligent and proud animals. Horses are excellent judges of character and are known to be very loyal and dedicated to their owners.

Well in this featured video you are going to meet one horse who is definitely memorable. This horse has a talent that we have yet seen in other horses. This horse seems to like to dance. While in his stall his owner puts on a popular artist, Meghan Trainor and played her song “All About That Bass” and this horse is clearly a fan of it. We never even knew that horses could dance, go figure. We promise you that when you see how this horse dances you will be laughing out loud, we know we were.

Watch this hilarious video and let us know what you thought of this horse’s smooth moves. As always please feel free to share this video with your family and friends on social media.

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