We’ve all heard Roosters crowing, but have you ever heard one laugh?! Hilarious!

Roosters have been our alarm clocks for centuries. For people who own them or even farms that have an early start to the day, the roosters provide the perfect wake up call. It’s not like you can ignore their cock-a-doodle-doo when it breaks the silence of the night.

But for the humans who own this particular rooster, they found that their rooster was really unusual. The way he announces that morning has broken has his humans laughing!

Instead of the normal crowing, this rooster LAUGHS instead! It’s like he knows it’s too early for his humans or they just don’t want to get up that early, so he ends up laughing. I watched this video and I laughed. I am not joking, this is hilarious!

This video definitely doesn’t get old and I’ve never heard a rooster crow like this. Have you? Write in and let us know! This is too funny not to SHARE! So go ahead, spread the joy and send your messages in the section below.