‘What God Wants For Christmas’ Is Forcing Everyone To Look At Christmas In A Brand New Way

'What God Wants For Christmas' By Darius RuckerDarius Rucker brings us a heartwarming track with equally warming visuals from the MUSC Children’s Hospital. His original song ‘What God Wants For Christmas’ is a keen reminder to hold on close to the true meaning of this joyful season. Listen to his inspiring message & voice in this powerful song from his ‘Home For The Holidays’ album.

Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Darius Carlos Rucker has certainly evolved since his years in Hootie & the Blowfish. He was proud to announce this album, telling Rolling Stone magazine, “I am so excited to make a Christmas album finally. This has been a lifelong dream, and I hope my fans enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it.”

Christmas time is nearing, and Darius Rucker calls out, asking ‘What God Wants For Christmas.’ It is a plea for all to remember the gift of a good heart during the holidays, and just how many blessings we’ve each been bestowed to pass on. It doesn’t take money to spread love & cheer. This powerful Christmas truly track defines Rucker as a Christian and is a must-hear.

\'What God Wants For Christmas\' Is Forcing Everyone To Look At Christmas In A Brand New Way