When The Argument Gets Heated This Little Sister Knows How To Win. Hilarious!

Having a brother or sister can be a blessing. But just because it’s a blessing doesn’t mean you have to get on with them all the time. Sibling rivalries help us to deal with social situations as adults. All we can hope for is that as we grow up we go out of them and see our siblings as equals.

This video shows one such sibling rivalry. These two dogs, Mac and Lacie, are having an argument. Mac is the older of the two corgis and he’s clearly more skilled in arguing. But Lacie has a trump card. When she’s been backed into a corner she knows how to win this argument.

When her brother seems to have won the argument Lacie has the last word. She turns around and farts on his face. Mac’s reaction to this unconventional tactic is hilarious.

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