His Wife Passed Away 2 Years Ago. But When They Told Him THIS Secret About Her? I’m In Tears!

Two years after his wife’s death, David Schmitz got an unexpected gift from her. She was called Brenda and she lost her life to ovarian cancer. Before she died, Brenda managed to plan a heart-moving surprise for her husband. She wrote a letter for a local radio station, Star 102.5, and she gave that letter to her close friend. She then asked her friend to mail that letter to David when he found a new love.

Star 102.5 grants some Christmas wishes every year. So when they heard about Brenda’s wish, they couldn’t hold in their tears. You are going to tear up too when you hear this touching letter written by Brenda. The station along with the local sponsors fulfilled her wishes. It takes a lot of courage and heart to write something like Brenda did!

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