This Wild Deer Is Wounded And In Need Of Help. But Watch What This Woman Does? AMAZING!

Eva is the matron of her herd. She and her herd live in close contact with people, so over time the herd has come to ‘adopt’ the humans as part of their herd. These humans live around the herd’s migration area and they don’t have any problem when a deer eats their clover lawn or their vegetable garden. When they see a deer in trouble, they also step out of their way to help them.

This time around they noticed that Eva had some large and ugly scrapes in her back, possibly from low hanging branches. The woman in the video walks right up to Eva and inspects her wounds quite closely, and even touches her to get a better look. The deer never moves.

Then the woman applied some Bach Flower Remedy Rescue Cream on her wounds to help heal them and to also decrease infection. This is such a precious moment. Eva sits patiently and allows her human friend to patch up her wounds. Towards the end, the way Eva shows her thanks is just beautiful! While the woman rests in her lawn chair, Eva licks her feet!

This bond between human and deer is very special and unique. For this woman to be able to help this wild animal like this, and then get a thank you, is just incredible. What an amazing moment.

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