11-Year-Old Picks Up Banjo And Leaves Everyone With Their Jaws On The Floor!

Banjo GirlMastering a new instrument can prove to be quite challenging regardless of your age. It takes months, often even years, to learn to play an instrument well. Just think how many of us started piano lessons and never mastered anything beyond playing ‘Mary had a little lamb.’

It is difficult to remember all the notes, keys, chords, and pauses. It is rare that we come across someone that is so naturally talented. That is why everyone is losing their minds as they watch this little girl play her 4-string banjo.

GIrl and BanjoIn this video, we watch Willow Osborne smile gleefully as she plays a fast-paced song on her banjo. It is amazing to watch her swiftly switch from string-to-string and produce beautiful music. She makes it look so easy! Plus, many of us have never appreciated music played on the banjo until now.

I still cannot believe that this musical maestro is only 11 years old! Looking at her makes many of us wonder what we did with our childhoods, and wish we had applied ourselves a little more.

A banjo is a very difficult instrument to master. This instrument was invented in the 18th century in the United States. It requires a high level of dexterity to quickly switch between the chords. It is as if Willow was born to play the banjo.

Willow has received a lot of attention online because she plays the banjo so well. I can only imagine how proud her parents must be. Learning to master an instrument like this must have taught Willow a lot of valuable life lessons. Research has proven that children who play instruments are more patient and determined to work hard in order to achieve their goals.

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11-Year-Old Picks Up Banjo And Leaves Everyone With Their Jaws On The Floor!