Woman, 65, Transforms Into Bombshell After Makeup Update

Christopher Hopkins, also called the “Makeover Guy,” is known for his dramatic worldwide makeovers of men and women. Hopkins shared transformation videos online with his friends and followers, earning massive respect from the internet community. In addition, he has helped several women regain their confidence with a gorgeous makeover.

The Makeover series was initially titled “The Makeover Guy Reveals.” However, it was recently renamed “The Power of Pretty.” The talented makeover professional recently helped a 65-year-old woman, Annette, who felt lonely and irrelevant. She wanted to see herself transform into a classy yet desirable woman. So Hopkins took it upon himself to help her achieve her dreams.

When Annette came into the studio, she hoped this experiment would make her realize that she had value and was important. She wanted to feel good about herself on the outside as they got to know her. Annette’s parents were Polish immigrants who married when the war ended.

Annette’s family was allowed to migrate to Canada, the US, or Australia during those times. So the family moved to Australia soon. However, they decided to move to America later. And that was when they moved to Chicago. She had a traumatic childhood and decided that not everyone was meant to have children.

Annette had no other family in the US except for a brother. Hence, she felt lonely most of the time. Due to this, she began to feel irrelevant and of no value to the world. After the makeover, the 65-year-old woman expected to look classy, stylish, and captivating.

She wanted to look sexy but not trashy. So Hopkins and his team analyzed the body features. They concluded that she had a great figure but had shorter legs and a longer torso. He knew boosting her bustline would give her a confident look.

After her makeover, her whole persona changed. She wore a small jacket with high-rise trousers, making her look taller. Hopkins changed her hair color too. She was overwhelmed by the changes but in a good way. She felt relevant and loved her new look.

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Woman, 65, Transforms Into Bombshell After Makeup Update