Woman Adopts Large Potbellied Pig. I Can’t Believe How Famously They Get Along!

Many people think that pigs do not make for good pets and only serve one purpose on this planet: providing a certain breakfast meat. That’s not true – there are lot of pigs out there that would make wonderful pets… for those who have the time, energy and devotion to care for them for possibly 20 years or more. People like Janette Reever, who gave a pig named Arnold a forever home.

The thing was, according to the video, Arnold was just supposed to be an emergency foster for Reever. His stay stretched from a weekend to a week to making it his forever home. They are great friends, and he offers cuddles for her, which helps alleviate the stress of her job, which is pursuing charges against those who hold dogfighting rings. That’s a lot of emotional work to bring home each day and Arnold is her chunky buddy.

Reever is far from alone though – she has many dogs, and there’s even a little potbellied pig named Annette, who became fast friends with Arnold. She’s got the perfect rural setup for this big guy, including an area where he can roll around in the mud. This is one lucky pig to have found someone like her to take care of him. There is a pig sanctuary, but he’s one of the ones who got to go to a home.

Now don’t watch this and think that you can have a pig of your own. You would carefully have to assess your living situation and environment. I have seen people toting around small pigs – that’s one thing. I don’t think that having a giant potbellied pig in, say, an apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan would be a good idea. Unless you had a penthouse with a garden on the roof. Then, just then, it might be OK.

Wasn’t Arnold adorable? I wanted to reach in and pet his head. Have you ever had a pig? We’d love to hear any stories you might have in the comments section!

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