Woman converts junkyard school bus into a tiny house on wheels for $35K

Miranda has one of the most unique tiny home rentals out there. Born in the 1970s, she was inspired by the nostalgia of her childhood to convert a school bus into a retro tiny home getaway.

When it comes to her guests, Miranda wants them to have all the creature comforts possible. She converted the bus’s driver seat into an indoor shower and installed a window for the steam to escape through. She even added an awning roof outside the bus to protect guests from the weather as they’re coming in.

Miranda calls the bus’s cooking area the “kitschy kitchenette.” Though it is not meant for cooking big gourmet meals, it is perfect for a quick dinner. The fan keeps the open space smelling as neutral as possible.

Miranda has two seating areas in the living room area that double as extra storage spaces. Under one seat, she keeps dozens of board games and puzzles for guests to pass the time with. Small details like this add so much to the guest experience!

The queen bed can accommodate a single guest or a couple with plenty of room. It fits perfectly into the back of the bus and doesn’t cut off access to anything other amenities.

The covered deck is one of the school bus’s best features. An old-school desk and chairs extend the retro vibe to the outside and provide a lovely space to play cards or sip coffee.

The experience of making something out of nothing and salvaging materials has been very rewarding for Miranda, and she looks forward to hosting on Airbnb for many years to come.

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