Woman Films Otters At The Zoo. One Of Them Holds Up A Sign That Leaves Her Breathless

Everyone likes a trip to the zoo. And when you get to film the animals, it’s even more special. Kelly works as a journalist in Denver. She covers pretty much anything she needs. When her bosses told her that she needed to cover an amazing story at the Denver Aquarium, she was very excited. The story would be about some animals there and it is supposed to have a warm tone to it.

The animals she would be covering were otters. She headed there without even questioning why or how. The story was touching alright, the only thing is that it wasn’t what she expected. These otters are very special. They devised a way to talk to the people outside.

Kelly arrived on the scene. Little did she know that the otters had a message for her. She starts setting up the equipment and she can’t help but see how cute they are. She has never filmed animals in this setting, so it should be fun.

She positions her camera in the proper manner. She focuses so that she can get some great shots of them in action. The animals seem to be more than happy to help her in her mission. While you might think that this is a story where the animals get to swim around and act all cute, they can win anyone’s heart with their antics as well. Because they have found a way to communicate with the outside world, people have been thrilled to see them in action.

This time, the otters swam down to the bottom of their tank. Next, Kelly saw they have a sign with them. She started to try to figure out what they were going to do. It is a very important message that will leave her stunned. The keep swimming and hold the sign up for Kelly to see. It has a series of instructions for her that she must read slowly, so she can to keep up. These instructions were put there by her boyfriend Mike. The little otters are in on the whole thing as Kelly finds out.

The note that the otters hold up instructs her to look at them. Then, she is supposed to look at her boyfriend. Then back at them and back at him. When she looks back at Mike for the second time, he is down on one knee behind her. He’s holding a beautiful wedding ring. The final instruction will make your heart melt.