Woman Finds An Abandoned Dog On The Highway. Then She Finds Out The Terrifying Truth…

A woman named Kathy Wilkes-Myers noticed that something was very strange as she was walking on the side of a highway one day, and what she found was truly bizarre. It’s not very uncommon to find strays or wild animals while on the road, especially on areas with lots of untouched wildlife, but what Kathy found that day definitely seemed out of place. She found a Rottweiler dog wandering, but she didn’t look like a stray dog at all, and she certainly wasn’t wild.

As Kathy narrates in the video, she could tell that it was someone’s precious dog, and couldn’t help but try to do something to reunite her with his family. The poor pup looked like she had not eaten in ages, and it was evident that she needed some urgent attention and care.

Ella is the name of the dog, and the poor thing had survived for days only with water from a drainage, and was on the verge of starvation. Kathy remembered that there had been a car crash near where she found the dog, and knowing that no one could just abandon a puppy like Ella in the middle of nowhere, she got her hands on the action. She decided to find out where her family was, and when you see the full story, you will not believe it!

Watch it for yourself in the amazing rescue video right below.

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