A Woman Found An Abandoned Broken Egg. Wait Till You See What Happens 1 Yr Later!

It was nearly one year ago when Susan Hickman saw a Starling’s egg lying cracked on the ground. To her surprise, she saw a hatchling was emerging from it. She couldn’t spot any nest around the area, so she decided to take charge. She named the little guy Klinger and tried her best to give him his chance of survival. The video below features Klinger’s one year journey.

Many experts warned her that he probably would not survive the ordeal. But she did not give up. Like every other newborn, this baby had his needs and Susan made sure that all of them were fulfilled. The hardest part, no doubt, was that Klinger had to be fed every 20 to 30 minutes for the first few weeks, and he never missed a meal.

He grew up stronger day by day. The cutest picture is when he is just a couple of weeks old and was very tiny and very, very fuzzy! His little face is scrunched up and fuzzy feathers are going crazy on top of his little head.

Over time, he grew stronger and stronger. He learned to fly, he learned to feed himself, and learned to take baths! It is really heartwarming to see his progress! He takes baths in the bathroom sink in a pet’s water bowl. This caretaker originally planned to release Klinger into the wild, but he did not have the survival skills necessary for that, and he had already imprinted on his caregiver. Now he has a happy home with her.

Watch Klinger’s journey in the amazing clip below. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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