Woman gets head-turning makeover transformation at 69

Susan was tall and skinny as a kid and has struggled with her appearance in the 69 years since then. She has struggled with her weight throughout her life and could never find a style that truly suited her.

Susan pursued a career in the healthcare field that took up most of her time before she became a mother. She married young at 23 years old and divorced 37 years later. In her later years, she has prioritized herself and wants a new look.

In this video, the Makeover Guy transforms Susan from head to toe. The end result is a brand new Susan who is thrilled with how she looks and accepts her age.

The Makeover Guy uses his signature system to analyze Susan’s body, head, hair, face, color, and style and improve her overall look. Each metric is analyzed individually to create the optimum look.

Once the analysis is complete, The Makeover Guy explains the goals for each section and what items can be used to correct issues. He lists different clothing choices that can accentuate the natural shape of Susan’s body and improve her posture.

Her hair and makeup are styled to accentuate her heart-shaped face. Choosing a hairstyle with more volume and height balances her profile and lifts her facial features.

The final reveal includes all the Makeover Guy’s suggestions, and the result is stunning. Her partner is speechless when he sees her in her new wardrobe and hairstyle. The Makeover Guy has another successful transformation!

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Woman gets head-turning makeover transformation at 69