A Woman Gives Food to A Blind Raccoon. Then, Hits ‘Record’ when He Brings His 2 Bodyguards.

This sweet video also tells a story of a struggling, visually-challenged Racoon and his two black kitten ‘protectors.’ Initially, the lady in the video says that they thought the raccoon was blind; however, over the seasons, they determined he had a little bit of vision, though it was clearly ineffective. He would bump into things and get frightened easily.

The homeowner noticed that two little stray black kittens started hanging out with the struggling raccoon. And, while their intentions seemed sweet at first, it turns out they saw their friend as an easy meal ticket, too.


They were, indeed, all friends. But the kittens soon figured out that wherever their raccoon friend was, there was also some food being doled out. Bonus! No matter the reason, they remain friends for quite a while. And, the story of the blind raccoon and his kitten friends doesn’t end here.

Read on in the link to find out more about the raccoon, and what happens as the kittens grow up. What an interesting and sweet trio in this video. And all thanks to the lovely lady who fed them all.