Woman Lives In Home That Is A Shrine To The 1950’s, When I Saw She Still Has THIS? OMG!

Can you imagine being devoted to a certain point in time. Pay no attention to my posters from the 1980’s here… nothing to see. One of my neighbors, though, has a friend who has everything from the 1950’s, including his car and his ducktail haircut. It’s always a hoot to see them working outside on the car. That thing drives great, though. He would love to see this video of a woman who would love to go back to that time.

Simply put, Emma Edwards lives in a house that is a shrine to the 1950’s. Nearly everything in it is from that time. Part of this is due to her vintage clothes business and she does adopt an alter ego that lives in this time… but it’s a full-time job for her. She has invested 20,000 pounds into this home – which includes an authentic Hawaiian tiki bar. I thought I was watching an episode of “Mad Men” when I saw that thing. This is a woman who loves the 1950’s.

There are some things to admire about the ‘50s. The craftsmanship of certain things are far hardier than the items that we buy today that seem to be designed to break a lot earlier than we expect them to. Stoves, refrigerators, and even cars are working just as well now as they did when they were purchased back then. Now we can buy a flat-screen TV and replace it in five years or less.

Of course, there is a darker side to the era – black people still were fighting for civil rights, there was the Red Scare… it wasn’t all peaches and roses that some people seem to paint that time as being. But as long as she’s not hurting anyone, it’s not a problem that she’s still stuck during that time. Maybe 50 years from now, people will be dressing up as 1990’s grunge rockers and ironically drinking Starbucks coffee.

What do you think about possibly living in a place like this? Cool or too stuck in the past? I’d live in an 80’s themed place… Would you? Tell us in the comments!

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