Woman on paddleboard gets a gentle nudge from a friendly giant whale

Woman on paddleboard and giant whale

The beautiful green sea is shown in mesmerizing drone footage. In it is a woman on a paddleboard. Not an unusual sight, until you see what’s under the surface… a giant whale!

Maxi Jones made the video in Argentina. And judging from the color of the seas, it is in Argentinian Patagonia. Patagonia is perfect for whale watching, and southern white whales are one of the four types found here.

The southern white whale is a type of baleen whale. In 2009, there was an estimate of only around 13,000 of these whales. Whaling has dramatically reduced the population. However, it is expected it will increase as time goes on.

Woman on paddleboard and giant whale

The rare and gentle giant here nudges forward the paddleboard with its fin. With a mass powerful enough to easily capsize it, the whale does this gentle push. Perhaps that is the way he says hello to visitors.

Soon after, the whale tracks the movement of the board, swimming just under it. Despite its size, we can see how gracefully this creature swims. Truly a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The photographer, Maxi Jonas, uses a drone to capture this event. One can only be grateful he sacrificed a part of the moment to give us this video. Maxi Jonas is a photographer based in Puerto Madryn – Patagonia.

Videos like these help humble us and remind us how we are just a part of a bigger planet. These whales are intelligent and endangered. They are also a big part of keeping the planet safe and our oceans healthy.

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