Woman Puts Modern Twist on Irish Dance When Rap Music Begins to Play

Irish dances have entertained people for hundreds of years. The energetic and meticulous dance moves can fixate the eyes of anyone watching. A young woman decided to create an all-new Irish dance that’s unlike any other.

Hannah Redlich is a champion Irish dancer that’s no stranger to making things her own. Putting a trendy twist on a classic jig, her performance quickly caught people’s attention online. Instead of playing classical Irish music, she chose a more modern tune.

The gifted artist picked Lin Manuel Miranda’s “Guns and Ships” from the wildly famous musical, Hamilton. With a hip-hop and R&B accompaniment, it didn’t take long for viewers to fall in love with Redlich’s unique dance.

Her footwork is superb and executed with no shortage of grace and precision. It’s truly captivating to watch Redlich’s every move as the upbeat rap song plays in the background. Who knows what the incredibly skilled woman will come up with next?