You’ll Never See Humphrey Bogart The Same After This Blooper Reel

Bloopers have been there from the beginning, but one doesn’t often get a glimpse of any of them from Hollywood’s Golden Age until now that is.

This collection of bloopers from the Golden Age of Hollywood will send you on a nostalgic trip through some of the funniest memories in movie and film history. Hollywood has changed. Acting has changed. Genres have changed. Bloopers, they’re the same.

These Hollywood superstars from the early thirties, forties, and fifties seem to always stay partly in character no matter how badly the blooper goes wrong.

You can look forward to hilarious scenes from stars like Jimmy Steward, Humphrey Bogart, and Olivia De Havilland, who will shock you with just how often she cusses. Now that’s a close look at some of your favorite film personalities.