11-Year-Old Chloe Channell Has the Audience Rocking to “All American Girl”

The talents that most have aren’t always readily displayed for the world to see openly. Sometimes it takes a bit of digging to reach our desired level of notoriety. It may not always be easy for all to see the struggles we go through trying to get up off the ground and onto our feet. Thanks to a variety of talent shows, ranging from “The Voice” to “America’s Got Talent,” we are lucky enough to get to see these individuals showcase all their amazing and shockingly professional skills and talents as entertainers.

The age someone is can play a huge part in determining how talented, how emotionally intelligent, or intellectually intelligent they are. There is a slew of criteria that most have to hit to reach the levels of mastery and true potential that seem to aid the decisions made by many judges and academics.


If you don’t believe me, then this 11-year-old is going to knock your socks off. The pitch she illustrates, the range that she seems to play with effortlessly, the powerful presence behind her voice all equate to one of the newest talents, previously undiscovered.

Carrie Underwood has had many different songs that wowed audiences, but one song has Chloe Channell’s ear. “All American Girl,” by Underwood has proven to be a difficult song to sing. Yet, many have thrown their hats in the ring, swallowed their fears, and performed.

Chloe’s case is no different, as she wows not only the judges but leaves the audience roaring in joy, filling the auditorium with applause and whistles. I really enjoyed the song initially, but her perfect southern twang really brought the song to life.

11-Year-Old Chloe Channell Has the Audience Rocking to \