Young Girl Leaves EVERYONE Stunned When She Sings THIS Whitney Houston Hit! Whoa!

This is a scene of Selenay singing at The Blind Auditions for The Voice Kids in the Netherlands. The song was “I Will Always Love You”, original written and performed by Dolly Parton in the 70s and made famous by Whitney Houston in the blockbuster movie Titanic. In this clip Selanay passed over Dolly Parton’s country version and sang the newer and most well-known version by Whitney Houston.

There are numberless talented kids in the world with a plethora of natural born gifts. Selenay’s gift is her powerful voice. She sounded nothing like a young teenage girl in nailing every note and emotion in this demanding song. Her reception from the audience members was thunderous and the judges were all wide-eyed and full of lavish praises.

Selenay has earned her way to perform in The Voice Kids. She would go on to pick coach Borsato to guide and prepare her for the big night. Regardless of what happens then, Selenay has proved her talent and a bright future is definitely in store if she only can play her cards right.

The backstage shot of Selenay’s family is absolutely if not even more precious. It’s the perfect nightcap to her triumph in winning over the judges and the audience. The pride and joy shown by her family member backstage can melt any heart. These Muslim migrants to the Netherlands had one of their best moments in their adopted country that night.