A young lady sees a mannequin of herself in a window, then struggles to hold back her tears.

What is the definition of perfection?

The video at the bottom is one of the most moving pieces that you will ever see. It will have you holding back the tears, not because you are sad, but because of the special people that have participated in one of the most amazing projects ever undertaken.

We all know that Swiss timing is precise, and for Swiss charity organization “Pro Infirmis” their Scheduling for this special endeavor is as close to perfect as you can get.

Mannequins have been around for decades, these perfectly molded clothes hangers are designed to represent the average person, but what when you are not in the percentage that supposedly makes up the average? What if you are born a little different from everybody else? What if an accident has changed your body in some way? Who caters for these people who see themselves as perfectly normal?

“Pro Infirmis” came up with a great concept, let’s create a series of mannequins that show the differences in people. They then went about inviting several people with special needs to be measured and photographed so a set of specialized mannequins could be based on their individual body shapes. The idea was to display these unique pieces alongside the already existing so called “normal” mannequins in a Swedish storefront window display. The whole idea was part of a campaign devised by “Pro Infirmis” called “The International Day of Persons with Disabilities” a public awareness campaign designed to show all of us that not everybody comes within the realms of average.

One of the members of the “Pro Infirms” Executive Board, Mark Zumbühl explained “We often go chasing after ideals instead of accepting life in all its diversity. We strive especially for acceptance.” The philosophy of their idea was simple, regardless of our appearance, no matter how much we may differ, on the inside we are all the same. When seeing the reaction of the featured people in this video, upon seeing the completed mannequins of themselves, you will not help but be moved by the simple joy in their faces. Someone had taken the time to show the world that we are all perfect in our own ways.

Click on the link below to watch this truly inspiring video, then sit back and reflect on your own life. We are all different, yet we are all the same. We all have our faults and we all have our special gifts, but when it comes down to it we are just one in the same, this species called “Human Beings” What is the definition of perfection? Does it really matter, it is a perceived concept, but if you need proof, just take a look in the mirror